Seed rotation / Seed cycling – A natural way to support the female body

Are you trying to conceive and want to support fertility?

Is your menstrual cycle irregular?

Have your menstrual cycle been absent for long?

Do you have bad PMS?

Do you suffer from painful periods?

Do you have hormonal imbalance issues?

Let’s bring your hormones back into balance with this yummy, natural and an inexpensive way called Seed rotation or Seed cycling process.   


Seed cycling includes alternate use of seeds which are high in specific oils and nutrients in particular phase of menstrual cycle to balance the hormones that are prevalent in each phase.



Women who want to balance hormones post pills, women with heavy bleeding, irregular periods, painful periods, PMS, endometriosis, fibroid and menopause symptoms including hot flashes and insomnia.

About your menstrual cycle


Our menstrual cycle has 2 main phases:

Phase 1 – Follicular phase (Starts with menstruation)

Phase 2 – Luteal phase (Starts after ovulation)

Estrogen levels have an effect on LH and FSH levels hence if we keep estrogen levels balanced, LH and FSH levels will follow.

Cycling with seeds that has phytoestrogen (plant based source of estrogen) will help to regulate these hormones as they’ll increase estrogen levels where needed and also decrease excess estrogen in the body. This is because of lignans present in them.

Follicular phase/ Phase 1:

Start phase 1 cycling on the day of your period and continue until your day of ovulation.      (14th-15th day).

In this phase, our estrogen levels start low and steadily increase in preparation for ovulation and potential pregnancy.

Seeds to be taken in this phase are FLAX SEEDS and PUMPKIN SEEDS.

FLAX SEEDS are high in lignans to block excess estrogen production and are rich in Omega 3s.

PUMPKIN SEEDS are rich in Zinc which prepares the body for progesterone secretion in the next phase. They’re rich in Omega 3s as well.

Omega 3s helps to reduce inflammation in the body, regulates FSH levels, increases blood flow to the uterus and promotes ovulation.

Luteal Phase/Phase 2:

Start phase 2 cycling after ovulation (from 15th-16th  day) till 28th day or when you get your next period.

In this phase, there is sudden drop in estrogen, FSH and LH, which occurs immediately after ovulation.

Seeds to be taken in this phase are Sunflower seeds and Sesame seeds.

Sunflower seeds  are high in Omega 6 and in Selenium.

Sesame seeds are high in lignans and Omega 6.

Omega 6 converts GLA which supports progesterone levels and reduces inflammation in the body (in relation to PMS). It also assists fertility by improving reproductive cell structure.

How to consume these seeds?

Use unroasted and unsalted raw seeds.

Grind these seeds and store them in an airtight container. I recommend grinding them fresh

Daily have 1 tablespoon each of both the seeds.

Seeds can be eaten raw or can be included with other foods such as smoothies, salads etc.

You will see the results after 2-3 cycles.



  1. Q) How to seed cycle in menopause?
  2. A) For people with menopause, menopausal symptoms and amenorrhea, as there is no period routine to follow, start having Phase 1/ Follicular phase seeds on new moon and continue for 15 days then go for Phase 2/ Leuteal phase seeds. Continue doing this for at least 3 months.
  3. Q) How will it work for Periomenapause?
  4. A) These seeds will modulate the estrogen levels because of lignans present in then and won’t let PMS take a toll on you.
  5. Q) Is it safe to use for girls before they attain menarche?
  6. A) Yes! They’re absolutely safe and healthy to have in any age.

Sania Sultana
Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. (BUMS)
Regimental therapy and Dietotherapy
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