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Nizam Unani Multi Specialty Hospital was founded by Hakeem Dr. Mohammed Ziauddin with a vision to rejuvenate the Unani method of treatment. This hospital current focuses on propagating Regimental Therapy for treating many diseases.

Regimental Therapy

We use these methods of Regimental Therapy to treat different diseases.

1. RIYAZAT (Exercise)

2. DALAK (Massage or Friction)

3. TAKMEED (Fomentation)

4. NUTOOL (Pouring of medicated lukewarm water on affected part)

5. ZIMAAD Wa TILA (Ointment and Liniment)

6. TAREEQ (Sweating)

7. IDRAR-E-BAUL (Diuresis)

8. HAMMAM (Bath)

9. ISHAAL (Purgation)

10. QAI (Emesis)

11. HUQNA (Enema)

12. IMALA (Diversion of morbid material)

13. HIJAMAT (Cupping)

14. FASD (Venesection)

15. TALEEQ (Leeching)

16. KAI (Cauterization)


Initial Facilities

Methodology Of Treatments

Our Research Training Categories

Outpatient & Inpatient Facility

  • Separate massage Section for ladies and gents
  • 24 hour doctors on call
  • Common TV hall
  • Homely Atmosphere
  • Pharmacy with a wide range of Unani medicine
  • Separate wholesale retail section
  • Counseling
  • Dietotherapy
  • To advice right kind of diets and restrictions of specific diets in certain cases
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • By authentic, natural, single and compound medicines
  • Regimental therapy
  • Message, Cupping, Leeching
  • Clinical study
  • Mehfil – e-Tibb
  • CME (Continued medical education)
  • ROTP (Reoriented training programme) Internship training


Treatments Provided For

Male sexual disorders

Feminine diseases

Hair Fall



Kidney Problems

Blood Impurities

Joint Pains

Blood Pressure

And many more ailments…

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