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Welcome to the NIZAM GROUP, a group dedicated to reactivate the public reliance on age-old, tried and tested Unani herbal preparations as the means of a healthy life.

CEO's Message

Dr Ziauddin

Hakeem Dr. Mohammed Ziauddin


Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has brought (with its merits of course) the unnatural prerequisite of human fitness to a 24/7 basis. 

Thanks to this and the escalating costs of health preservation and improvement brought about by the self-centered commercial pursuits of pharmaceutical and modern medical professions, health deterioration today entails a host of personal, familial, and financial repercussions for the common man. The curative and ameliorative impact of such treatment also leaves much to be desired. 

Nizam Herbal Laboratories is a venture created to reactivate reliance of the public on the age-old, tried and tested herbal preparations as the means of a healthy life. 

Our preparations (formulas) are based on years of painstaking research and development – prepared in hygienic and environment friendly conditions, employing the most modern machinery, the most effective production means and the most capable human resource. Result being quality and safe products for public use.

Our aim is to make Nizam Herbals is a leading global brand of health and natural products by providing what is promised and staying firmly committed to principles of the honourable herbal tradition. 


For All Ages

A variety of products for all age groups and genders. We have medicines and supplements for all.

For Known Ailments

Diabetes, Digestive Health, Hair Care, Joint Care, Kidney Health, Oral Care, Weight Management


" Nizam Herbal Laboratories is one of the best Unani drug manufacturers in India. Their products stand for quality and effectiveness. "
Asad Uddin

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